Frequently Asked Questions


When are Resolveera's working hours?

 Resolveera is open all days. You can can or leave a message Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. You can also send us your questions here.   Please allow up to 48 hours for response. 

Who are Individual's with special needs?

 People who have a developmental disabilities by birth or have become developmentally disabled are individual with special needs. These individuals require special training to learn skills for daily activities and living. Special resources are required for these individuals and their caregivers to meet their needs. 

Who is a special needs parent?

 Parents who have a child with a diagnosis of a developmental disability is a special needs' parent. These parents require special attention and support to understand and manage their child's disability and address their needs appropriately. 

Where can I find out about events or workshops hosted by Resolveera?

To find out about events or workshops hosted by Resolveera , follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter